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Book Review: Empty Bottles Full of Stories

Since April is National Poetry Month, it only made sense to sneak a book of poetry into my 52 Week Challenge!

If you need to catch up on why I'm doing book reviews, you can catch up here!

This week's book is by one of my favorite poets (I have quite a few of his works, and they're all amazing!), so here is my review for Empty Bottles Full of Stories by Robert M. Drake and r.h. Sin!

This lovely book of poetry is split into two halves, The Curse, written by Drake, and The Gift, written by Sin.

The two halves speak to each other in only the way that poetry can.

Drake's section focuses on loss, and the human condition at a fundamental level, whereas Sin's section seems to focus on finding who you are and learning to love yourself. The two halves fit perfectly to create a book that is both moving, poignant, and at times, painful to read due to it's honesty and the author's abilities to capture emotions.

I sincerely loved reading this book! Like I said, I have others of Drake's works, but this was my first time reading anything by r.h. Sin.

I loved Sin's style, with the blocks of writing, as opposed to stanzas. It read almost like a novel which I thought was very original and innovative.

For someone who might be new to reading poetry, I would recommend this book. The poetry is lovely, but not overly flowery or complex, and doesn't take a ton of analysis to read and understand.

I think the two author's worked really well together. There styles were distinctive, yet still worked well together. I'm sure a lot of collaboration went into making this book of poetry what it is: a work that aims to both inspire and heal the reader.

I give Empty Bottles Full of Stories an enthusiastic 5 out of 5!

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