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Book Review: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Another week, another book review! This week I got to be a little nerdy, which I loved, and finally read a book I had gotten for Christmas!

If you're just following along, you can read about why I started a weekly book review here! This week had me traveling to Paris, and revisiting some characters that I love! This week's book was The Crimes of Grindelwald by JK Rowling!

I was really excited to read this one for two reasons! 1. It's another book (manuscript technically) by the fabulous JK Rowling, and 2. I wouldn't let myself watch the movie until I read the book, so now I can see the movie!

Peep all my nerdy HP paraphernalia!

The Crimes of Grindelwald begins where Fantastic Beats and Where to Find Them ended, with Grindelwald in captivity in New York. In the opening scene, Grindelwald escapes, and sets his sights on Europe.

We again meet Newt Scamander, being told he can no longer travel internationally. The reader meets his brother, Theseus, an Auror, and his fiancee Leta LeStrange. It's revealed that Credence, the Obscurus, survived the first book and is now hiding in Paris.

Newt, leaving the Ministry of Magic, is met by Albus Dumbeldore, who tells him that he has to make a move against Grindelwald because he can't. Newt decides to set off for Paris after his friends Queenie and Jacob appear in his living room.

The reader learns that Grindelwald is also in Paris, and he is trying to gain more followers. There are also rumors swirling about Credence's true identity. Is he the long lost LeStrange son?

Tina finds Credence at a local circus, where he and Nagini, escape. She tracks them with the help of Yusuf Kama.

Newt arrives in Paris and begins tracking Tina and Kama. Credence and Nagini are also hunting for the truth about Credence's identity. They find the nurse that gave him up for adoption, but she is soon killed before she can say anything.

Newt finds Tina, and the pair head to the Paris Ministry of Magic in search of documents that can prove who Credence really is.

Leta arrives and reveals that he is not Corvus LeStrange, because she accidentally drowned the real Corvus LeStrange as a child.

Grindelwald calls for his followers to assemble, and our heroes get caught in the crossfire. Queenie seems to choose Grindelwald, as well as Credence, who still is searching for his identity. With the help of Nicholas Flammel, the remaining heroes are able to save Paris from Grindelwald's curse.

The story ends with Grindelwald revealing who Credence really is: Aurelius Dumbledore.

This story ended on, naturally, a huge cliffhanger. Since there are 3 more installments coming, JK Rowling certainly left a lot of stuff up in the air. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing if Credence is a true Dumbledore!

This, however, messes with the Harry Potter timeline so it'll be interesting to see how everything pans out. I loved getting more of a backstory for Nagini (it was so interesting!), and I'm looking forward to seeing Nagini being a little bit more of a hero before she becomes Voldemort's pet!

I'm excited to see the movie, and read the next installment! I give this book/manuscript a solid 4 out of 5.

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