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Book Review: The Fortune Hunter

I was very excited to read this week's book! If you're new to the blog, you can catch up on why I'm reading a book weekly here! I was super excited to read this book in particular because it was one my fabulous big sis got me for Christmas this year (Thanks Lauren!)! So, without further ado, here are my thoughts on The Fortune Hunter by Daisy Goodwin!

The Fortune Hunter is a multiple point of view book, switching between Charlotte Baird, heiress to the Lennox fortune, Empress Elizabeth, called Sisi, of Austria, and the man they both love Captain Bay Middleton.

The story begins by introducing the reader to Charlotte and her unique talent for photography, a rare talent for a woman of that time. We learn about her fortune, and how that makes her a very marriageable woman.

At a ball a few days later, Charlotte meets Bay Middleton, and the pair immediately hit it off. Charlotte's soon to be sister in law warns her away from the match due to Bay's reputation with woman. Soon, the readers learn that the Empress of Austria, Sisi, has come to England to take part in the hunting season, and Bay has been chosen to be her "pilot."

While visiting the countryside, Charlotte continues to grow close to Bay, especially after he announces he wants the two of them to elope. However, Bay is also growing close to the Empress, and not just on the hunting fields.

Things reach a climax when Charlotte realizes Bay's feelings for the Empress in one of the photographs she took. She decides to embark on a trip to America, with an American photographer, causing Bay to think she's eloping with another man.

When their ship is delayed, Charlotte decides to watch Bay race in the last hunting event. When he wins the race, and wins a lot of money, a friend informs Bay that Charlotte is not eloping, and he races to find her before she embarks for America. He finds her, proposes, and the pair leave for the States together.

I found I really enjoyed this book. While stylistically I don't think it was anything, particularly special, I really enjoyed the alternating points of view. I liked getting to know the three main characters and learning their motivations.

What I loved the most about this book is that it is based on real people! I knew Sisi was a real person but learning that Charlotte and Bay were real, and that they really eloped made this an extra special read! I love a good historical fiction novel! While at times I found myself wondering about Bay's motivation in pursuing Charlotte, I did find myself rooting for the two to be together.

While the writing was a little basic, the fact that this novel was based on real people saved it for me! I'm giving this book a really solid 4 out of 5!

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