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The Boqueria Market

Hi all! I'm done with Spring Break and am trying to get myself back into the habit of blogging a little more regularly. When I left off last, we were wrapping up our time in Barcelona.

We started off the morning of our last day in Barcelona with a tour of the local markets to get a taste for Catalonian food.

At each market we stopped at we got to sample some of the local flavors, and got to test our Spanish/Catalan as we communicated with the vendors in the markets.

After we left the first market, we got to go to a little shop and try some of the local olive oils. They were delicious!

The staff at the Oleoteca Gourmet La Chinata were wonderful, and we got to try some many cool olive oil products, as well as eat a lot of delcious bread with olive oil on it!

After we wrapped up at the olive oil store, we walked to the Boqueria Market. To get there, we got to cross through the courtyard of the hospital where Gaudi spent his last few hours.

We got to the Boqueria Market, and were again set free to try samples of the local cuisine!

Once we were done at the Market, we hiked down to the beach for a tapas lunch at a local restaurant! I think tapas have become one of my new favorite things to eat!

That's all for today. Stay tuned to hear about how we finished our time in Barcelona, and where we headed to next!

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